More of you.

More of you.

More of you requires you!

I’ve came to realise that we often seek validation from people we are close to or rather strangers. The strangers part comes in a form of probably people whom we engage with on a daily on various social media platforms.

When you are sure of who you are, doubt hardly comes in and knock off your entire day. When you are more of yourself, dealing with personal struggles become effective in a way that you know ways to get through your day. Some read an inspirational book with amazing daily devotions, some read a bible, pray and listen to music oh and some eat to calm the nerve down.

I personally give myself time to deal with whatever trail I face before calling a friend which is what I hardly do, I know it’s weird but it works for me I give more of me to me to a point where it feels right to handle things alone and pat myself on the shoulder and say “well done Thembi”. I’m not selfish or rather have a proud look, I think I don’t doubt myself.

Sometimes we run to people before trying things out ourselves, we text friends or call them before testing our strengths. In that regard, More of you receives less of you. Try praying alone in your space or to church, sometimes God crave your voice he wants to hear from you. Think through it buddy!

I know some find it at ease to share their problems with other people, nothing wrong with that at all trust me. This article is not meant to change your ways of doing things, I’m not writing to change what works for you my dear reader but more of you requires you.

Remember the following:

•You are amazing even when you’re weak.

•You can still conquer on your own.

•The fear of trying on your own is a lie, fear is there to delay. Don’t allow it.

•You are enough.

• At the end you only have yourself, it’s all about you.

•You Can!

The Power of Volunteerism

The Power of Volunteerism

Volunteering is seen as a way to gain experience even in something that is different from your career.

During my varsity years I thought that after graduating I’ll get a job and be fine in life, little did I know was that even though I nailed my course and finished it in record time nothing will be brought to me with a silver and gold platter. I was studying Public Relations Management and as my lecture would say that it is an amazing course and jobs are always available as long as your market smart. After graduating in 2016 I was happy to receive my Diploma and honestly I was ready to join the industry and flourish, I sent my CV to as many companies as possible and updated my LinkedIn account, I did a lot of things to get myself out there.

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Something came to my thoughts that I love writing and this skill is essential in PR so why not volunteer for a year at a local newspaper and I did. The publisher and her team welcomed me, taught me about the media world and I was willing to write news though I didn’t study journalism however I was hungry for the real world and the skill. I  volunteered for a year because that was my plan to offer my service just for that period then move, I mastered this news writing, I learnt how to gather news, interviews and to build relationship with people and other media houses.

Then in 2017 I volunteered again for an NPO in the Vaal as a publicist, see my knowledge and skill I obtained while volunteering as a news reporter an abled me to build lot of relationship with other journalists and my press releases were published now that’s a BANG!. I needed money yes but I had to look at the main goal and focus on gaining this experience because it is more valuable than money to me therefore I offered my service and worked with this NPO for few months. Now I can write news especially soft news, write press release, build relationship with media houses and also network. Volunteering helped me a lot!
Dear graduated your way to corporate won’t be as easy as you may perceive, start somewhere and grow.

Benefits of volunteering from other graduates:
“I volunteered at Lusa Community Chest as a peer facilitator at primary and high schools covering topics such as self-esteem, respect and puberty. Volunteering helped me to improve my speaking abilities and that’s one key area I improved a lot on and the ability to impact and transform just one person’s life” – Ntsane Matla,Bcom Communication graduate from North West University, South Africa.
“Volunteering helped me to get work experience, I believe it’s a way of showing the next person who will hire you that you are willing to start from nothing and work your way up. I was part of the PR by taking pictures, and videos” – Thabiso Mamatela, Aviwe BDS graduate, South Africa.
“When you are volunteering you are not doing it for anyone but yourself because at the end of the day you get an opportunity to attend workshop, big events that an organisation is participating on. I volunteered at the Vaal University of Technology as a PR trainee and I learnt to plan and organize events by following guidelines and the way you should handle yourself in the workplace. It is not about volunteering but it is also about learning something without expecting anything in return.”- Nokwanda Khumalo, Public Relations graduate from Vaal University of Technology, South Africa.

“Volunteering gives you sense of purpose in life and by volunteering you help make people’s lives easy especially the community around you. It can help you meet new people and build strong social network that you can benefit from in your professional career. Volunteerism enhances professional skills and confidence that may help advance your future career.”- Ronny Koli, Information Technology graduate from Vaal University of Technology, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Best volunteerism quotes
“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you, if you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope”- Barack Obama

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more”-H. Jackson Brown Jr

“I find that the critics of voluntary service are all too often those who are prepared to accept such services when they require them but deride them with cynicism and skepticism when they see others helping and being helped”-Eva Hart

New Year, New Energy

New Year, New Energy

Compliments of the season 🎉

I won’t say much because God has been good and amazing in 2018. My journey as a blogger was great and interacting with all my readers and followers was fun.

It’s a new year and it’s a year of glory. Let this year be the year of Self-value, Self-love, Self-care and Courage.

Do not expect much from anybody to avoid setting yourself up for offense. Take risks and make God your bestfriend.

No selfish vibes, we care and love more.

Stay winning 🌸

Sweet Perfume

Sweet Perfume

It was just so sweet, nothing much.

It was exam time and I was just studying in my room as always extremely tired and discouraged to carry on, the evening went by and I was going to my next chapter. The pages from this chapter were more than 16 like how on earth am I even going to study much? it was devastating indeed. I wanted to sleep and sleep for long hours, exam time can be draining most of all it was an emotional season for me.

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Before I begin with any of my tasks I pray like most of you but this time as per my wish to pray knowing that I am about to go to sleep was tiring I looked at the bible and my notes at the same time and I knew that I had to choose between to two. However, my exam was next week so I thought nah maybe I can just study few scriptures and sleep, I was tired Haha! I did exactly that and I was sitting on my study table and the table was still messy full of books and pens everything was everywhere. I know cleanliness is next to godliness but no I was tired and I knew God loves me anyway and he can see that I am sleepy but I want to commune with him anyway, see I am a good girl .
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I began by meditating on my favorite scripture Isaiah 45 and while I was deep into the meditation I smelled something so nice and I opened my eyes ,first thing I saw was my messy table closed them again and I still smelled this sweet scent but I thought maybe because my cosmetics bag is near my bed and table probably I didn’t close it after bathing earlier. I went back to my meditation and I started praying and finally I felt His presence, His love, His mercy, His glory and I knew he was here.
The holy spirit said to me “I am like a sweet perfume, I am here” I didn’t cry at all I enjoyed the perfume and it lasted for more than an hour and afterwards it was gone. I opened my eyes and immediately I regained my strength and continued with my studying. God is always there and if you go deeper into his presence he uses many things as a medium of communication to inform us that he is here. We sense him in many ways because we are different but I think I now prefer the sweet scent, the smell was unexplainable and the sense of peace that comes with it surpasses of an human kind it was pure and it goes along with healing for one’s soul.
I was exhausted and it resulted to discouragement but I chose to run to my God and he gave me strength, he is so sweet like a sweet perfume. Run to him he did it for me imagine what he can do for you.
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                                                                        Oh heaven!

My flaws

My flaws

My flaws are mine, I have funny shaped dental and my walk is more of a cute duck that has been fed by mommy.

I have a big forehead that is filled with so much creativity and sweet thoughts.

I have scars due to the impetigo skin infection on my nose and on the upper part if my small nice nose. When you see me refer to me as “miss pink and black” I’ll smile and embrace my scars even more, miss pink says who!? Love it

I have hairline problems and it doesn’t matter that much, yes full headed hair is every women’s crown. I am Thembekile and my hair cells are not that active but I am special and beautiful.

I am Thembekile Ntsele from South Africa, look at me and smile ☺