A journey, Your journey

A journey, Your journey

My lovely readers, the ones that likes my posts and reblog them. My love for you is too much, I want to give you some amazing things to consider while you’re at the journey of self discovery, while you’re finding your way to your destiny.

Our journey is sometimes hard and sometimes smooth, it doesn’t matter where you’re heading to or how much you want to reach to the end but there is no end in your journey eventually you’ll keep going. Right!

Here are 5 things to put in a bag as you ride along into your journey to drug addiction recovery, divorce, repentance, career and many more.

♡Respect your journey

♡Be patient with yourself

♡Invite God, there’s light in him

♡Be kind to yourself while at it

♡Fear Not

Your journey is yours and you don’t owe anybody any explanation when you decide to change routes.

5 things to avoid when advertising your work online.

5 things to avoid when advertising your work online.

Most of the time we see people trying to get their services out there and the experience is good and some is bad.

1. Do not send people links in their inbox/dm without asking them or engaging with them whatsoever. It can be very annoying and next time you post your services people will never respond because to them you’re that guy who pops into their space.



2. Do not advertise your work without a catchy caption. Communicate your audience draw them to you be intimate, make them feel like it’s just you and them in a room. Give a “Hey stop what you doing and look here” sound. Drawww them to you! Now this need creativity which is the 3rd point on the list.

3. Be creative, this can go a long way because without it people will scroll down onto the next post. Creativity creates engagement. Avoid lack of creativity.

4. I know this is a lot of work but can you try to respond to atleast few people who commented, retweeted or shared your work? I personally make sure I do that when I see people showing interest on my work. You know what this means to those people? It means you appreciate their effort and by them being active to your advert it means they love what they see and they won’t mind sharing your services to others. Engage with people online don’t be MIA! Try not to.

5. Thank them for engaging with you, this can go as far as building trust online. It sounds clichè but try it, Just be nice!



Stay winning!

Let’s digify social matters

Let’s digify social matters

Social issues affect us differently in our different communities, How do we communicate these matter digitally? Will the matter reach the masses?

The social issue that matters most to me is Bullying which we read about on various print media and watch on the news. People experience bullying at their work place and schools, this is experienced by the young and old. It is a psychological matter affecting our society and it results to depression.

This social issue can be solved digitally in a form of Storytelling where people can come out and record themselves telling their stories as victims of bullying, young and old are welcome to share their stories. The videos can be more than 30mins so that they can cough out all that is in them, the vidoes will be combined into a story and it will be used as a bullying campaign. The video can be distributed on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and as Instagram story however it will be uploaded according to the duration of each platform.

In that way it will get organic social media and people will share it and retweet it. The people will be able to engage and share their views also some will feel free to open up and share their stories of them or their loved ones.

Also to disrupt it more to get it to go viral, creation of a banner with a tag line of the video or rather have the video to stream in that way we are doing an internet display which will expand from social media to various websites where the banner will be displayed and pop. The websites can be of The Department of Social Development various registered NPOs and NGOs websites, when people visit these sites they will be able to watch the video.

The bullying matter will be understood when coming straight from the victims and probably people will act on it and quit making fun of the vidoes that goes viral especially primary and high school learners being bullied, workers being bullied and not getting to understand how these victims feel and cope. We live in a digital world and getting this social matter digitally it will create great impressions online and people will engage and it won’t only end here in South Africa the video can go as far as the other continents.

A solution to this social matter may not come soon but it will reach the masses and people will start coughing out more.

Personal Profile

Personal Profile

My name is Thembekile Ntsele a 26 years old young woman from the Vaal Gauteng and I am a Public Relations Management graduate from Vaal University of Technology and a blogger on Potent Thoughts which covers inspirational articles and the blog includes feature articles of the likes of humanitarians such as Lawrence Khekhe of Lawrence Khekhe Educational Foundation in the Vaal (LKEF) also with Creseldah Ndlovu of Creseldah Ndlovu Educational Foundation(CNEF) who was a L’Oreal Paris award finalist and Tumelo Letsheko who is a local entertainer in the Vaal.

I value improving my writing skill and sharing my life experiences through my writing which I hope to take it professionally. I am hard working, creative, dedicated,I show alot of initiative in tasks given and I am a team player.

I took my writing skill further by volunteering as a news reporter for a community newspaper in the Vaal lake side called Bua Sedibeng News and I managed to obtain journalistic skills that sharpened my writing skill and which I believe they are of most important in my career and I continued volunteering for an NPO in Vaal known as Lawrence Khekhe Educational Foundation by writing press release for it. I recently completed my Media Management in Branding Building short course at Vega School.

I did my Work Integrated Learning at Lusa Community Chest in Sasolburg (NPO) back in 2015 and the most wonderful thing about my job besides being an administrator was working with people and networking. As much as it is an NPO ,giving back and putting a smile is what I did best. I want to see myself succeeding in the media industry and learning more on how to be more on how to come up with disruptive ideas in the media.

The hardest thing was to say “No”.

The hardest thing was to say “No”.

No is something we were thought to say from a young age and all I remember was when my primary teachers tell us that “Every child has a right to say no“.

I am a graduate, a very funny and hard working one. I’m so not about trying to impress anybody hence this post, I’m sure you’re wondering if I’m mad or what, naaah I’m alright I just learn things the hard way and when I do there’s no stopping me. Be like me!

The most difficult thing I’ve learnt as an unemployed graduate who is still busy studying further was to say NO. I have people who send me job post which I really appreciate, thank you my people. I have people who ask me to go out with them and the thought of turning them down was difficult provided that they will cover the costs. I felt lost, sad and annoyed at the same time and not because I didn’t want to go out but because I felt like a burden, sad I know. To cut the story short, I’ve learnt to say No when I didn’t have money to go out, I’ve learnt never to agree on something that I know it’s above my power, I’ve learnt never to try to impress or to fit in, in order to maintain friendships and relationships.

What I am trying to say is never be afraid to say no especially when you know that you are still under construction. Being under construction can be you persuing your studies, starting that business or trying to heal from the things you do not discuss. Do not be afraid to be left behind it’s okay and open your mouth and say “I am busy I can’t” or “I can’t afford to go out” or “I will contact you when I am ready”.

Do not be afraid to turn down what doesn’t match your vision. If you can’t, you can’t. Trying to please people will result to anxiety, therefore you leave your true self behind.

What about you? Sometimes a “No” is your key to freedom, as clichè as it is a “No” is your journey to your free zone.

Now, I hope you’ll put it to practice.

Thank you!

4 things to remember when you are drowning into their doubt.

4 things to remember when you are drowning into their doubt.

♡Don’t let their doubt result to you doubting yourself.

♡ Their doubt has nothing to do with you.

♡Let them dive into doubtville alone because that’s definitely not your hood.

♡Lastly, chin up!