Showing gratitude is not as simple as people may perceive however, we need to at least once in a while show it.

Today I won’t be long, just a short piece of gratitude. I am here to remind you that even if it doesn’t make sense there’s that one thing that you can be grateful for. It can be waking up this morning, having food on the table or better yet overcoming that bad habit you’ve been struggling with over the years.

We need to show gratitude for what we have and have faith for the things to come. Faith goes a long way and as a result it gratifies the ability to believe what is about to come as though it is already here. Faith is exciting and if you’re a firm believer you’ll give things in advance and that way you activate your request and sometimes to manifest sooner. See the power of being thankful in advance or even after?

Practice every morning or evenings or during the day whatever works for you to at least say what you’re grateful for. Remember it doesn’t have to be tangible results. Let me start, I am grateful that I am nolonger dependent on anxiety medication, I am grateful that I am able to ignore people that always want to embrace my bad side and cause backwardness. See, it doesn’t have to be anything big, try it!

Eskort is celebrating International Bacon Day- Special Day for Bacon Lovers.

Eskort is celebrating International Bacon Day- Special Day for Bacon Lovers.

It always start with a smell of bacon in the morning to create memorable mornings with loved ones to gathering together watching that bacon braai coming up well.

Eskort is a proudly South Africa’s leading pork manufacturer, it is known for its loved bacon and other delicious products. They are the best in delivering quality bacon ranges. While we still at it, what are mornings without Eskort bacon? From streaky bacon to round bacon, play around and create delicious breakfast meals to make mornings lovable again. Mornings are better with SA’s best bacon!

Showing off cute Eskort bacon happy socks.

On the 3rd of September 2022 bacon lovers are celebrating International Bacon Day where people promote and celebrate all kinds of pork dishes. The most popular one is back bacon which Eskort has as one of its bacon range, to see all the bacon ranges click on this Eskort link text which will direct you to the site and select product range then select bacon, you’ll also find the star of the dish I made which is minced bacon. Below is the nice and simple Eskort minced bacon jacket potato recipe.

Simple Eskort minced bacon and cheese jacket potato recipe:

Delicious Eskort minced bacon and cheese jacket potato.


• Half pack of Eskort minced bacon, you can used all of it if you’re serving more than one.

• One big potato, washed.

• Salt and pepper for seasoning.

•Cheddar cheese, you can use any cheese of your choice.

• Half white onion and 2 cloves of garlic.

•Cherry tomatoes (optional).

•Dry parsley, you can use fresh parsley.

• Tangy mayonnaise.


Wash your potato, chop your onion and garlic. Cut your potato into a cross make sure you cut it deep and keep it full.Boil your potato with skin on and add salt for taste then fry both onion and garlic then put pepper until they are soft then put them aside. After the potato is well cooked remove it and let it cool for 20minutes or more. After few minutes pre heat your oven to 180° then open your potato, squeeze it until the cross part opens, make sure it doesn’t fall apart keep the shape. Then take your garlic mix with raw Eskort minced bacon and mix them and then stuff the mix into the potato and grate cheese and sprinkle it on top. Put stuffed potato together with chopped cherry tomatoes in the oven for 25minutes while constantly checking it until the minced bacon is cooked, potato skin crispy and cheese melted, the fat from the bacon will add more delicious flavour.

Lastly, after removing it from the oven drizzle mayonnaise on the side of the stuffed potato while it’s hot and garnish with dry parsley and put your cherry tomatoes on the side.


Happy International Bacon Day!

Mintex Chewing Gums – New Chewing Gums from Richester Foods.

Mintex Chewing Gums – New Chewing Gums from Richester Foods.

Not so long Richester Foods introduced their new chocolate bar and now they are introducing their new Mintex chewing gums.

Mintex is a proudly South Africa’s locally manufactured chewing gum, that consists of three fresh flavours such a Peppermint, Spearmint and Extra Strong. The exciting fact about these chewing gums is that they are 50% affordable compared to other brands and they are available at your wholesalers, Cash’n’Carry and informal traders for only R18 and R20 per bag. Each pack of Mintex chewing gums consists of 50 sachets with 2 pieces of gums. You won’t run out!

Three exciting facts about Mintex chewing gums :

Mintex Spearmint chewing gum flavour.

This one is one of my favourite, maybe it’s the sweetness it gives. Tastes really nice. You’ll enjoy how fresh your mouth becomes after having them, this is great for those who love the mix of both the sweetness and mintyness kick!

Mintex Traditional Peppermint chewing gum flavour.

Second favourite is Peppermint flavour. This one has an amazing kick that brings deep freshness. When you taste it, it brings out the coolness, it is actually cool. For people who like it less intense, this one is for you.

Mintex Extra Strong chewing gum flavour.

Lastly, the boozaa the intense one! This one has a blast of coolness and you will feel it coming out of your mouth to your nostrils. The menthol crystals are to die for, they sooth your breath and gives that long lasting freshness.

For some reason,chewing gum for me gets my brain going.

Brie Larson

Grab yours and #MakeLifeSweeter by #CreatingMomentsofJoy with your loved ones. Keep it fresh!

Coco Bongo Chocolate Bar- New addition to the Richester Foods.

Coco Bongo Chocolate Bar- New addition to the Richester Foods.

Who doesn’t like the sound of a new chocolate that’s affordable and delicious? Nobody!

Richester Foods is a largest South African manufacturer of sweets and all things candy, it has recently introduced a “new kid on the block” Coco Bongo chocolates. This must be good news to all chocolate lovers out there!

New Coco Bongo Chocolates Bar

How to purchase New Coco Bongo chocolates:

This delicious chocolate is available online on Richester Foods website for only R60 per pack just go to the three line option on your left I call it the hamburger option, then go to product and select Coco Bongo chocolates then add it to your basket and check out, Yippy! The best part is that the new #CocoBongo chocolates are affordable no need to worry about the price and the quality is great. Furthermore, it is also available nationwide in South Africa in major wholesalers and available at your nearest spaza shops for only R2.50.

Simple New Coco Bongo Chocolate Bar ice cream toppings ideas:

Let me make things worse, you’re going to love this. #CocoBongo chocolates are so smooth and tickle some “eat me more” in your tongue and the creamy milky center is to die for, Yums! Why not give yourself time by #CreatingMomentsofJoy with your loved ones on that Sunday or any day by trying the below:

• Make Chocolate Curls, use a vegetable peeler, gently peel strips of the chocolate bar and gently dig into the Coco Bongo Chocolate bar then shave curls off the bar. Consider placing the chocolate bar in microwave for 10 seconds ONLY to make it easier to shave to get those perfect curls and garnish them on your ice cream. Alot of them!

Coco Bongo Chocolate Curls, the milk center made them more cuter.

• Better yet make your own Chocolate Sauce by whisking in milk and heat for 45 seconds, let it rest for 2 minutes then put in your Coco Bongo chocolate and stir until completely smooth you can add vanilla extract if you like, after it has cooled a bit top it on your favourite ice cream. Go for it, include it in your desserts treats, spoil your family and friends.

Coco Bongo ice cream sauce ready!

Let’s #makelifesweeter by adding this delicious smooth chocolate bar in our candy list this Easter weekend even afterwards ofcourse. Add it to your children’s lunch box as part of a sweet snack or to your lunch box and snack it in between your working hours to fuel up. Spoil our loved ones and yourself any day.

#CocoBongo #RichesterFoods #Makelifesweeter #CreatingMomentsofJoy #Chocolatelovers #CocoBongoEaster

Siyakunakekela-The Community Service Engineers.

Siyakunakekela-The Community Service Engineers.

An NPO that started from nothing to something big that reaches and touches the lives of many and they are ready to be at the services at anytime, any day.

Siyakunakekela “We care for you”

About Siyakunakekela

This South African based None-profit Organisation is passionate about reaching out to the communities around South Africa, they are willing and ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Siyakunakekela means “We care for you” was formed in April 2020 by Darren Langbein and his wife Shirley Langbein, they have been running the organisation for 2 years and there is so much love in their services as they impact a lot of lives for the young and old. The inspiration behind its formation is that Siyakunakekela is giving South Africans the opportunity to help change lives. The founder Darren Langbein is the father of 3 girls and from this he has become acutely aware of the significant challenges facing women in South Africa. This has led to a deep desire to help effect  tangible change in people’s lives in South Africa as a whole.

The founder Darren Langbein and community members.

The challenges experienced by Siyakunakekela:

Every organisation has its own challenges and most of the time the major challenge is funds, as for Siyakunakekela the challenge is the same like any other organisation. They are a donation dependent organisation therefore their biggest challenge is receiving donations enough to reach out to the needy, “We are solely funded by the generosity of others, without donations we could not do what we do and cannot help the people in need” expressed Bianca.

The services offered by Siyakunakekela to various communities around South Africa:

  • Pit toilet– this is all about health and safety solutions for sanitation at schools and communities that still live under pit or bucket system which is a threat to school children and adults at large. With the help through donations they are able to harshly address this social issue and improve these unsafe conditions in South African communities. We all need to live in less threatening conditions and Siyakunakekela is here to assist and to make sure they fight for proper sanitation for all.
  • Feminine Hygiene– This is a crisis experienced by millions if young girls and women around the world and if a girl child’s health and hygiene are at risk it results to low self-confidence. Siyakunakekela is working endlessly hard to put a stop to lack of sanitary pads during menstrual cycle to a girl child in South Africa, they advocate and fight for a girl child not to miss an opportunity to learn or enjoy being a girl because of lack of sanitary pads. Siyakunakekela has an initiative of distributing sanitary pads to schools, orphanages, places of safety and community centers.
  • Gender Base Violence– Another major crisis in South Africa at the moment, that women and children are abused and killed daily. The stats reflects that over 9500 gender base violence cases are reported therefore Siyakunakekela offers self-defense training to young girls in rural areas and the amazing part is that they offer this service to the boys as well who never had a father figure at their homes through mentorship.

Siyakunakekela is always looking for new ways to help people, their next project they will be distributing the equivalent of Future Life Porridge into under privileged areas as this product requires no refrigeration or heating as it would be ready to eat. The future looks bright this side, love to see it for this organisation.

The cheerful givers.

Everybody has their best moments, unforgettable ones to be precise. Siyakunakekela has their 3 unforgettable moments, see below:

  • Their first self-defense class, being able to see how much fun and how important it is for these girls to learn how to defend themselves.
  • The first time they treated the pit-toilets ,when they came back 2 weeks later it was so moving to see the people being able to stand next to the pit-toilets as the odour had completely vanished.
  • Seeing the look on a young girl’s face while handing out the sanitary pads when she realised what they actually were.

A key piece of advice that I can give is that you are not alone. There are people out there who want to help you, like us. We cannot do so if you don’t speak up and voice your struggles. Whether you are suffering from unsafe sanitation or in a household of abuse. There is always a way out and you have people who will stand by you on this journey. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Bianca Olivier, Project Co-Ordinator for Siyakunakekela
A donation can go a long way.

If you would like to donate to this wonderful organisation with as little as R25 or $1.71 for the US readers kindly click Donate and it will take you straight to the donation page on their website with more other details further. Be of help and put a smile on those households in need.

Donate now and be part of the cheerful givers.

Are you going to give it your all?

Are you going to give it your all?

Right! a question that we are asked and ask ourselves, are you going to put all the effort as per your imaginations? Tricky.

I fully understand that we sometimes find it hard to give it all and reasons differ. For me is sometimes laziness or procrastination. Doubt is also my enemy, whenever you attempt to do something ask yourself how will you receive it, do you think it sounds good? Do you understand it and are you able to be practical about it?

We doubt and it lessen our full potential.

Honestly as a blogger I slacked abit and I was starting not to see a need for me to write again and that made me question if I am still giving my writing my all. Sometimes all this is affected by the trails we experience along the way and we end up losing interest in the things we used to love. That on its own brings more depression because you feel like you’re nolonger yourself, my dear reader you’re not alone, trust me I don’t even want to beautify this because it can prolong or be something for just a moment.

Let’s break these 2 things that you can do to bring back your all and be fully yourself again:

Go back to your plans– Some write them down and some have then in their head. Trust me they don’t go away, the moment you feel bad about not achieving any of them it means you were not giving it your all or you didn’t have enough resources to put others to life. Well, that shouldn’t stop you from starting again, I won’t be long here you know what I mean and I believe you can redraw on your board. I’m certain that you will at least tick 5 things off and celebrate. You got this!

It’s never too late to start over and win again.

Pray, pray and pray– Some things are spiritual attacks and you find yourself not understanding how did you all of a sudden lost interest in the things you used to love. I know what I’m talking about, fight in prayer and ask God to restore you back your energy, love and willingness to do the impossible. He said in his word that we should include him in all our plans and he will make our path straight. I think he didn’t care how small your plan is just include him so that he can fully guide you. Try God, you know do it with him and see.

Take it to the throne.

I wish you all things amazing, I pray that you get restoration and I pray strength to you to give your all again. Peace and Grace to you all.

Prayer For Faith Exceeding The Past

Prayer For Faith Exceeding The Past

by Apostle Gabriel Cross I pray today that your faith exceeds the boundaries of the past  and the limitations of your mind. I decree that your eyes would be opened to see your own value, your own attractiveness, and your Own God-given power and spheres of influence in this world. I pray that you would not […]

Prayer For Faith Exceeding The Past
Two times God tested me using 2 strangers- Angels in human form. Part 2

Two times God tested me using 2 strangers- Angels in human form. Part 2

I am sure you were wondering when am I going to publish part 2, well here it is and it’s not as long to compare to the part 1. My angels don’t care about traffic, find out why.

It was on Wednesday around 18:30pm at Bara taxi rank, the people coming from Bara Hospital in South Africa were rushing to cross to the other side. Here we are mixed up from different work places anxious to cross the busy and buzzing street and the traffic had not pity.

As I got off, I saw people running crossing to the rank side, nothing was smooth and vendors shouting to get people’s attention to buy their stuff. My eyes went straight to this old lady, first I was not sure if I should talk to her because people minded their business and the goal was to see themselves on the other side to catch transport to their different locations. Me being me I went to her and I greeted her and “Sawubona Gogo” meaning Hello grandma, she looked at me with some relief in her eyes. She greeted me back and smiled, remember that voice that spoke to me when I was with the blind man? It came back and I saw myself holding Gogo’s hand.

A helping hand to a grey hair angel.

There was a part where a taxi did a U-turn and I pulled Gogo’s hand so quick and she was limping and I was shaking buy she seemed okay, I asked if she was fine and she said yes. I told her to wait with me until we finally comfortable to cross, that time it’s becoming more dark and I am wondering how will she get home because that rank on it’s own is busy and patience is foreign there.

Finally we crossed, didn’t she walk slow goodness I did a lil prayer because I saw a taxi coming in high speed. Guys I was closing my eyes and this time Gogo was the one helping me to cross, I thanked her on our way. I told her I will walk with her until she gets to her taxi. She was so sweet the entire time.

Again I felt good about helping and I had an amazing week met deadlines and I knew God was at it again testing me. I will always avail myself to help to strangers.

Give a helping hand

Like I said before, entertain angels at all times because that’s how God reward us. No matter how small the reward might be in your eyes consider heavens rejoicing for offloading them.

Be of good help, be know for your good deeds.

Two times God tested me using 2 strangers- Angels in human form. Part 1

Two times God tested me using 2 strangers- Angels in human form. Part 1

God tests us everyday and we sometimes ask him to show up in our lives, well he decides on how and when to show up. Instead of bringing a miracle to us, he sends us to be a miracle in other people’s lives. Tricky I know!

Before I get to work I need to take a taxi to the busiest town in South Africa Johannesburg, the city of all things gold. Before I get to it, please note that this won’t be a long article well I hope so Haha!. Back to it, so I got to a taxi around 6am and I thought well maybe this time it won’t get us off by the gravesite because we need to que there and wait for another one, boring.

I was bored the entire time, while waiting for the taxi.

Infront of me was a clean old man, not too old probably in his late 50s. Trouser neatly ironed check! Shirt smelling nice and ironed check! Shoes polished and shiny check! I don’t even want to mention his grey hair cut, stunning. I was behind him admiring how decent and clean he was, the taxi arrived good shot we got in I sat behind the driver’s first row behind and the marshal asked everyone to let him sit next to me. That’s where I realised that he was actually blind, I was worried that how will he even cope because we are heading to the busy streets with impatience drivers and people walking around you’ll actually feel like flying in Joburg, walking is a waste of time.

City of Gold.

He was amazing he knew how to count his money without any assistance, I was watching him the entire time. Okay everybody minded their own business and the journey began. People got off and it was my turn, as I was about to close the door he asked me not to and he got off with me and he took his time stepping out of the taxi and I could see how impatient the driver was. He was slow and the street was buzzing, I held his hand and in my heart I said “Lord help me to do this right, I know I’m a bit late but help me to help him” he felt me holding his and and I could sense relieve from how he was breathing.

I knew God was onto something, luckily I asked him to help me. I am not knowledgeable on how to walk or help the blind, I saw myself communicating with him instructing him to stop, move, climb and I took him to his taxi to Sandton. While we were heading to his taxis, I asked him how he normally do it he just said he received training and he uses his instincts to guide him. I knew his guides and angels never sleeps, God loves this man. I took him to his taxi and as late as I was I felt like waiting for him to get in and ready to maybe fight whoever that will bully him. Before that he thanked me and did I not feel good? I did.

Felt so good!

I then went to my taxi and left to work. Something in me told me that I did a good job, I love assurance and I felt something assuring me that I did well by being by that blind man’s side. I felt like heaven was rejoicing and I knew that it was a test as challenging as it was I think I passed it. That day I had a good day, my tasks were easily done and I was happy for an entire month. I knew God stopped something major that was going to steal my blessing however, I had to pass through the test, for me I know nothing comes easy, I am forever ready to entertain angels

Till this day I still think that man doesn’t exist, he was probably an angle sent to test my kindness. What I’m trying to say is, be kind and helpful to everyone. God puts us to test everyday aware and unaware.

Be pickable, stay kind.